About Response Alert



Response Alert LLC is a private Maryland company devoted to the placement and care of personal emergency response systems (PERS) for the elderly and infirm. Response Alert is a family owned and operated limited liability company that was originally a division of the M. Sauer Company. The M. Sauer Company was established in 1976 to provide home security systems. In 1981, the company widened its safety and security services and established the Response Alert division to provide PERS to the elderly and infirm. In 2010, Response Alert was split off as its own entity to focus solely on providing PERS services while still being owned and operated by the same family. 

Response Alert’s mission is to provide security and peace of mind to seniors and their families by providing a means to receive help in a fall or emergency. A PERS enables seniors to retain their independence of living at home, and can prevent long hospital stays or nursing home admissions. We have provided personalized care and reliable service to thousands of consumers, achieving our goals of providing those consumers and their families with safety and peace of mind.


                    Local: (410)-318-8863

                    Toll Free: 1-866-318-8863

                    Email: info@responsealert.com